• 1 Content delivery via a flexible, dynamic and configurable framework
  • 2 Multiple theme layout options, whether fixed or responsive
  • 3 Responsive: Automatic adaptation to devices, such as mobile or tablet
  • 4 Advanced and extensive color selection theme optionsAdvanced color selection options
  • 5 Automatically generated color palette for Scroller layout theme
  • 6 Diverse selection of tText controls to customize font family and size
  • 7 Connect with your social media directly from your site via buttons
  • 8 Create unique HTML5 graphical charts to elegantly & easily present data
  • 9 Excellent offline options, such as a countdown and email subscriptionExcellent offline options, e.g. countdown
  • 10 Several integrated utility features, such as date and font sizer, are present
  • Gantry
  • Menu
  • Style

Advanced theme framework with vast portfolio of standard features

imageGantry is the core framework that sits at the heart of the theme, powering all the major features and functions, providing a versatile set of rich capabilities to make your site easy to customize, setup and use. The main asset of Gantry is its intuitive administrative interface, that provides friendly control options.

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Two menu options: Dropdown Menu and SplitMenu, each with mobile support

imageDropdown is powerful, CSS-based dropdown menu system, with advanced features ranging from multiple columns to menu item icons. SplitMenu is a static menu system, that places its children in a separate position. With a responsive layout, the menus have a unique sidemenu for smartphones.

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Six preset styles with a collection of intuitive controls to swiftly adjust colors

imageThere is an extensive array of color controls, via a colorwheel modal, to aid in the ease of color selection. There are six built in presets to choose and configure. You can customize overlay style, background, text and accent color, with the theme automatically creating a color spread based on the accent for Scroller.

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